Environmental Diagnosis and Control

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  • Objective of this course is to provide the partici­pant a detailed understanding on each element of Environmental management system based on different standards and how to use these re­quirements in any industries.
  • This course also will focus on work environmental aspects and impacts in Air, water and land from different industrial operations.
  • This course has been de­signed to make the participant understand, learn and thereby implement them to the fullest with a holistic view.
  • The broad field of environmental risk assessment
  • The important processes that affect the risk associated with a chemical or radionuclide
  • General steps involved in the risk assessment process, including statistical characterization of observed data .
  • Gain an overview of the key elements of risk analysis
  • Identify the hierarchy of control measures methods for controlling risk,
  • Be able to explain the importance of regular review of control methods and systems,
  • Appreciate the concept of residual Risk,
  • Implement the internal safety management procedures
  • In reviewing their waste disposal practice in the context of growing environmental awareness
  • By introducing new developments in waste management practice
  • In considering contaminated land and its impact on waste management activity
  • Reviewing the application of the Waste Hierarchy

The Delegates

  • Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Managers;
  • Staff responsible for setting up Waste Management Systems;
  • Staff wishing to reduce risk and liability for their organization through sound Waste
  • Production, maintenance and process engineers and all environmental personnel
  • All personnel involved in purchasing and managing hazardous substances
  • Management practices, principles and procedures;
  • All managers and staff involved in Waste Management and who need an appreciation of the techniques and principles involved in Waste Management, waste minimization, material re-use, recovery and recycling
  • All line professionals, supervisors and those who are involved with environmental matters


  • Introduction To Waste Management
  • Global environmental issues
  • International legislation
  • the Concept of ‘Duty of Care’
  • Definition of Special & Other Wastes
  • Waste Management in industry
  • Waste Management tools
  • Environmental Auditing And Waste Disposal
  • Introduction to ISO 14001, a specification for an Environmental Management System
  • Auditing Environmental Management Systems using ISO 19011
  • Responsibilities in managing waste
  • Transport of Waste by Road
  • Special Waste Regulations
  • Packaging Waste Regulations
  • Contaminated Land
  • Waste Collection
  • Landfill Tax – the environmental costs of waste
  • Administration requirements of waste collection
  • Waste segregation
  • Waste collection
  • Waste transfer stations and materials recycling facilities
  • Internal collection protocols for clinical and special wastes
  • Environmental reporting
  • Operational Controls For Waste Disposal
  • Containment systems for landfill sites
  • Leachate control
  • Landfill gas control and utilization
  • Site aftercare
  • Control of incinerator emissions and residues
  • Food waste disposal
  • Clinical waste disposal
  • Environmental Management & Waste Disposal Facilities
  • Policy development
  • Identification of Environmental Aspects
  • Operational Control
  • Setting up the environmental audit
  • Non-compliances and corrective actions
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • The Role of the Management Review
  • Hazard Identification :
  • Why do we need safety ?
  • Examples of major disasters .
  • The safety system process .
  • Environmental Hazard identification .
  • Environmental Hazard control .
  • Criteria for risk tolerability .
  • Hazard Identification Techniques .
  • Design out hazards .
  • Safety standards codes , national and international .
  • Safety analysis in engineering .
  • Safety analysis in Chemical process .
  • Safety analysis in manufacturing .
  • Risk Assessment Techniques :
  • Safety Management .
  • Safety in system life cycle .
  • Hazard identification check-list .
  • Process, workplace, work equipment risk assessment .
  • Task-based risk assessment .
  • Introduction to HAZOP .
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Policy .
  • Concepts of the Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2004 .
  • Initial Environmental Review (IER) .
  • What are Environmental Aspects and Impacts .
  • Video: Environmental Disasters .
  • Internal Environmental Auditing :
  • Carrying Out an Environmental Audit .
  • Management Review Process .
  • Summary of Course Key Points .

Course summary .

The Launguage

English & Arabic

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