Project Planning , Cost Control & Cost Estimation

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• Programme attendees will understand:
-The Project Planning & Management Foundation Stones .
-The importance of the Team Approach to delivering projects
-The importance of knowing your outcome before you start a project and how to define the outcome
-The importance of planning and how to manage the 7-Step Planning Process
-How to organise to the plan and how to build the project team
-How to establish and use a Project Board
-The importance of gaining commitment
-The importance of and how to take massive action
-How to keep the team focused on the delivery goal
-How to set up and operate the disciplines required to monitor and control projects

The Delegates

Managers, Members of Board Directors, High Administration and All Levels of Responsibility in accounting and finance
All Staff who are Responsible of Taking Financial Decisions and :
Plan a Project .
Manage Project Quality .
Schedule Project Activities and Deliverables .
Budget for Projects .
Control Project Costs .
Develop Project Teams .
Manage Contracts And Procurement .
Optimize And Control Project Communication.


The World of Project Management :
Project lifecycle model
Classic and modern project constraints and parameters
The concept of project management maturity
Selecting projects to meet organizational goals
Aggregating projects into programmes and portfolios
Establishing a project support office
Considering and confronting uncertainty in project selection decisions
Project data, information and knowledge management
The art, science and practice of project management
Case Studies and Group Exercises
Project Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting :
Project plan vs. Project planning
Strategic, tactical and operational planning
The contents of a project plan
Level of detail in scheduling
Network logic and dependency analysis
Project uncertainty and risk management
Introducing uncertainty in planning
Fundamentals of budgeting & cost control
Methods of budgeting
Improving cost estimates
Best practices of project planning, scheduling and budgeting
Capital Budgeting process and measuring relative cash flows :
Defining the capital budgeting and determining the questions that we are going to answer
Defining the capital budgeting process
Determining the relevant cash flows for each project and how do we calculate it
Evaluating Capital Budgeting projects :
Defining the PV & FV.
Determining the capital budgeting evaluation techniques, advantages of each and its drawbacks:
Payback period
Bailout payback
Discounted payback period
Net present value
Internal rate of return
Modified internal rate of return
Profitability index
Accounting rate of return
Choosing between the optimal capital budgets
Increasing marginal cost of capital
Capital rationing
Problems and solutions
Conclusion: Decision-making Criteria in Capital Budgeting
Linear Programming
Post investment audit
Project Resourcing, Monitoring and Control
The Project Manager’s Roles and Responsibilities
Project Evaluation, Reporting, Closure and Hand-over

The Launguage

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