Cost Analysis, Estimation & Control for Oil & Gas Capital Projects

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  • By the end of this Course participants will be able to:
  • Maintain continuous project performance and delivery control .
  • Accurately estimate and allocate project costs and resources .
  • Measure, forecast and control project performance by employing earned value techniques .
  • Manage and mitigate schedule, cost, scope, and resource risks associated with the project .
  • Develop a project recovery plan for budget and schedule overruns .

The Delegates

  • Cost estimators, project schedulers, project designers, project planner, contracts professionals, project procurement and purchasing staff, and project control and business services professionals who have the responsibility for preparing cost / schedule estimates and project proposals in client and contracting companies
  • Those who are interested in knowing more about estimation and control in a project environment

The Contents

  • Introduction and Course overview.
  • The Case for Budgeting & Cost Control in the Oil & Gas Industry :
  • Oil Price Volatility – The Causes & Impact
  • Major Costs of Acquisition, Exploration, Production, & Development
  • Cost Oil & Profit Oil
  • The Cost Curve of the Oil Market
  • Controlling Gross Margins & Net Margins
  • Managing National Fiscal Budgets
  • Project Estimating Basics
  • Basic Project Management definitions
  • Triple Constraints – Time, Cost, Scope
  • Project Selection Methods
  • Defining the Project Scope
  • Cost & Schedule Estimation, Cost Budgeting & Control
  • Project Schedule Planning and Critical Path Method
  • Developing Project Budget & Schedule Control
  • Project management inputs to cost budgeting
  • Resource Requirements
  • Direct & Indirect Project Costs
  • Planning and Scheduling Limited Resources
  • Options for Accelerating the Schedule
  • Crashing the Schedule – How?
  • Managing the Risk
  • Risk Identification, Analysis & Management
  • Contingency Reserve
  • PERT, Probability and Standard Deviation Formulae
  • Network Activity Risk Profiles
  • Application: Estimating Project Duration
  • Project Risk Strategies
  • Measuring Project Performance
  • Balanced Project Schedule without Buffers (Finish-Start) and Inserting Buffers
  • Comparison of Unbalanced with Balanced Schedules
  • Measuring Planned Progress on Schedule
  • Risk distribution in contracting
  • Actual Progress and Work Conditions
  • Managing Variable Conditions
  • Managing and Recovering Project Estimates
  • Schedule Variances & Cost Variances
  • Progress Control Charts – Trend Analysis
  • Schedule and Cost Variance Forecasting
  • Schedule and Cost Recovery Analysis
  • Schedule and Cost Recovery Plan
  • Project Recovery Baselines and Controls

Course summary.

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