Employee Development Concepts

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HR005 August 20, 2023 - August 24, 2023 Dubai – UAE USD 5100

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HR005 November 5, 2023 - November 9, 2023 Sharm El-Sheikh USD 5100

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HR005 February 18, 2024 - February 22, 2024 Online USD 1900

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  • Understand that communication is vital for successful performance Development
  • Learn the art of improving employees’ performance
  • Learn and understand personal behavior styles and how to use styles in improving performance
  • Learn a person’s strengths and challenges according to their personal behavior style
  • Learn techniques to assist in communication problem resolution
  • Learn the steps of empowering people to be more productive
  • Learn how to develop a personal growth plan for each employee
  • Understand the importance of performance standards, goals and objectives
  • Monitoring and tracking work performance improvements
  • Develop creative problem solving techniques to improve an employee’s performance
  • Learn the skill of evaluating and coaching for higher performance

The Delegates

  • The course is designed for anyone who desires to learn practical management techniques that will assist them in helping Develop & improve other employees’ performance using coaching, correcting and counseling techniques.
  • The course is appropriate for those who are responsible for managing any type of person, group or team or those who want to learn some skills to be able to better manage their work.
  • The course will benefit anyone who desires to develop more productive improvement and human interaction skills that will improve performance.

The Contents

  • Introduction to Improving Work Performance :
  • Introductions
  • Goals and objectives of the Course
  • Interpersonal relationships and interaction styles in improving performance
  • Making positive changes in performance depend on interpersonal interaction
  • Identifying the role as leader, manager and coach
  • Importance and techniques of active listening in improving performance
  • Identifying how Interaction Styles affect Work Performance : 
  • Identification of interaction styles in people
  • Interaction with others requires realization of diversity
  • Effective listening is essential for coaching and counseling performance
  • Successful interpersonal interaction develops trust
  • Manager characteristics that add to or detract from performance improvements
  • Identification of a manager’s personal interaction style
  • How to Develop a Positive Role as Manager, Coach and Counselor  
  • Individual strengths and challenges of each interaction style
  • Applying the art of delegation to improve performance
  • Managing individual differences in work behavior
  • Adapting one’s leadership approach to meet the style needs of others
  • How to deal with employees who are negative
  • Making performance management a positive work task
  • Developing Improvement Standards and Setting Goals and Objectives  
  • Aligning improvement plans with the vision and mission
  • Identifying improvement standards for employees
  • Establishing goals and objectives for improvement plans
  • Developing accountability standards for monitoring and tracking
  • Identifying how to assist others in setting standards, goals and objectives
  • Developing Personal Improvement Plans
  • Change and its impact on personal improvement
  • The role of innovation and improvement in improving performance
  • Effective performance improvement enablers and barriers
  • Developing personal improvement plans to improve performance
  • Course review, summary and feedback
  • Course assessment  .

The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)