Advanced Well Completion & Stimulation

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  • By the end of this Course participants will be able to:
  • Understand geological history and its connection to offshore drilling and production industry
  • Explain the employment of the different methods of exploration for oil and gas
  • Describe the different equipment and methods for well testing and logging
  • Explain why and how cutting of formation core samples is undertaken
  • Calculate pressures and pressure gradients in drilling and production wells
  • Explain the construction of the different well control systems and equipment, and how they operate
  • Employ methods and procedures for well control in a simulated environment
  • Explain the most common drilling operations, and the tools and equipment involved
  • Describe the most common floating and fixed installations and their main systems for operation
  • Explain the construction of a well, including the use of casings, wellheads and cementing methods and techniques
  • Explain the installations of hydraulic/pneumatic/electrical systems for control of drilling and well maintenance operations
  • Explain methods for completing production wells
  • Describe construction of a production well with production tubing wellhead and x-mas trees.
  • Explain the main principles of sub-sea completions and operations

The Delegates

Drilling Engineers, Senior Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Petroleum Engineers, Completion Engineers, Tool Pushers, Reservoir and Senior Reservoir Engineers, Geologists, Production and Completion Field Operators , Foremen, Industry Personnel .

The Contents

  • Introduction and Course overview.
  • Exploration
  • Search for oil & gas
  • Terms and nomenclature of geology used in oil industry
  • Petroleum: How it is formed and trapped, geology of the suitable rocks for favorable deposition of hydrocarbons
  • Introduction to Drilling Technology
  • Drilling methods
  • Technical Definitions
  • Rotary Drilling practices
  • Well Construction and Design of Casing String
  • Drilling fluids
  • Well control Equipment
  • Fishing and fishing Tools
  • Offshore drilling Practices
  • Safety on the rig
  • Well Completion and Testing
  • Reservoir engineering aspects for well completion
  • Phase behaviour
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Production inflow performance
  • Types of well completion
  • Corrosive high pressure completion
  • Tubing less well completion
  • Horizontal and multilayered completion
  • Open hole completion
  • Slotted liner completion
  • Special completion
  • Packer completion
  • Perforation Techniques
  • Over balanced and under balanced
  • Well head equipment
  • Down hole tools
  • Classification of well production tests
  • Transient pressure testing: well testing strategy
  • Production testing tools
  • Drill stem Test
  • High pressure and high temperature testing
  • Testing of sour wells
  • Well activation and flow measurements
  • Artificial Lift
  • Artificial lift
  • Need for artificial lift
  • Various modes of lifts
  • Selection criterion and design of suitable lift
  • Trouble shooting
  • Optimization
  • Reservoir Pressure Maintenance through Water / Gas Injection
  • Reservoir pressure maintenance
  • Need for reservoir health management
  • Types of water injection methods, peripheral and spot injection
  • Frontier areas of EOR
  • Compatibility of injection fluids
  • Monitoring
  • Work-over Operations, Well Stimulation & Sand Control
  • Work over rig components
  • Introduction
  • Rig components
  • Draw works
  • Hoisting System
  • Rotary equipment
  • Mud Pumps
  • Prime over
  • Work over Jobs
  • Major Repair Jobs
  • Casing Damage repair
  • Fishing
  • Well Stimulation
  • Formation Damage
  • Various stimulation techniques
  • Gravel packing
  • Activation
  • Production, Storage, processing & Transportation
  • Production
  • Design of GGS/GCS/ EPS
  • Design of CTF
  • Sour component handling
  • Demulsification and desalting
  • ETP- design
  • Transportation
  • Introduction to Offshore Technology especially Deep water
  • Offshore Practices
  • Introduction to offshore technology
  • Deep water: frontier area of technology
  • Case Studies
  • Discussions

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