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Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Training Seminars & Courses


Most organizations compete on the basis of quality and customer satisfaction, therefore they need to be much more strategic when it comes to Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. They need personnel who have a deep understanding of delivering real and tangible value throughout the supply chain. Far too much money is being wasted by inefficient systems and processes; resulting in lost opportunities. As a result CEO’s of leading companies now understand the importance and relevance of the contribution that professionals working in purchasing and materials management apply to their chosen profession.

The range of courses, seminars & workshops in Purchasing, Inventory Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management have been designed by world class subject matter experts who understand the real requirements of what is needed in an organization to add value and drive out hidden costs through efficiency. Delegates who attend these courses are trained in the art of making sure that their professional contribution is recognized as best in class and always deliver right first time.

Code Title Date Venue Fees
December , 2019
W003 Warehouse Operations and Management 22 - 26 December, 2019 Dubai – UAE - $ 3950
January , 2020
W003 Warehouse Operations and Management 12 - 16 January, 2020 Dubai – UAE - $ 3950
January , 2023
F001 Advanced Financial Planning, Budgeting and Decision Making 1 - 5 January, 2023 Dubai – UAE - $ 1950