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Management & Leadership

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Management & Leadership
Training Seminars & Courses

Our instructional classes in Management and Leadership empower you to make a noteworthy commitment to the improvement of your association for a more focused future in an inexorably worldwide commercial center. Under the direction of exceedingly talented teachers, you will expand on your abilities and involvement during the time spent propelling your vocation goals and enhancing your adequacy as a chief in meeting the objectives set for yourself and your groups.

The instructional classes exhibited by Title in authority have a sharp spotlight on the basic skills that are requested in 21st century universal business. This arrangement of related courses incorporates the imperative points of vital arranging, group advancement, correspondence and transaction, change administration and that’s just the beginning. Enroll today to make the following move to expand your abilities in contemporary best practice and have a quantifiable effect that will support the productive development of your association in its changing business condition.

Code Title Date Venue Fees
December , 2022
L007 الإبداع القيادي والإعداد التنظيمي للفرق ومجموعات العمل 18 - 22 December, 2022 Dubai – UAE - $ 1900
May , 2023
HR001 Advanced Coaching , Motivating & Performance Management 15 - 19 May, 2023 Barcelona - $ 2100
July , 2023
HR001 Advanced Coaching , Motivating & Performance Management 17 - 22 July, 2023 Basel - $ 2100