Strategic Leadership

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ML027 June 9, 2024 - June 13, 2024 Abu Dhabi - UAE $ 5000

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ML027 September 1, 2024 - September 3, 2024 Abu Dhabi - UAE $ 3000

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ML027 December 8, 2024 - December 12, 2024 Online $ 1500

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ML027 March 23, 2025 - March 27, 2025 Vienna $ 5000

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  • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
    • Explain what constitutes good governance practices
    • Develop the ability to create aligned strategies from Corporate Vision to Business Objectives to Individual KPI’s
    • Improve leadership abilities by enhancing self-awareness of management and leadership styles
    • Develop an understanding of how organisational behaviours, systems and processes enable or disable innovation
    • Understand the roles, responsibilities and characteristics needed for effective management and leadership

The Delegates

  • Those who want to develop their strategic skills
  • Those who may be moving into supervisory or managerial positions
  • Those seeking ‘refresher’ to enhance their leadership & management skills
  • Senior leaders who wish to further develop and enhance their strategic capabilities

The Contents

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • Advanced Strategic Planning
    • Understand the building blocks of a planning process
    • Understand the difference between Strategic Thinking and Planning
    • Learn about the difference between incremental and innovation strategies
    • Gain confidence in analysing the external environment
    • Understand which tools to use to review internal capabilities
    • Recognise the leadership qualities needed for delivering change
  • The Elements of Good Governance
    • Understand what is meant by good governance
    • Understand what risk and risk appetite represent: what’s acceptable and who decides
    • Review the biases which affect how decisions are made
    • Know the psychological impact on leaders/followers as a result of how information is presented to them
    • Recognise the influence of group attitudes and power on decision making
    • Understand the role of individual Managers on governance practices
  • Managing for Efficiency & Effectiveness
    • Understand what managers and leaders do and how they handle stress
    • Gain confidence in budget setting and monitoring
    • Understand the key elements of managing people & performance
    • Review the impact of allocating tasks, roles & responsibilities on productivity
    • Determine how quality of services is set and communicated to employees
    • Learn the McKinsey 7S model when used in combination with SWOT analysis
  • Leaders as Change Agents
    • Understand what is Culture and how cultural web help to analyse culture
    • Understand how different leadership styles impact on climate
    • Learn how Managers should inspire and motivate people
    • Understand the concept of comfort zones
    • Gain leadership skills of questioning and listening
    • Review the best approaches for leading change
  • Integrating Culture, Climate and Alignment
    • Understand the importance of aligning governance, culture and strategy
    • Understand what is meant by Knowledge Management
    • Reflect on the challenges of strategy implementation in a fast changing world
    • Recognise how different forms of power have Influence on networks and relationships
    • Review and reflect on your leadership profile and prepare a development plan
  • Course summary .

The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)