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ML026 April 14, 2024 - April 18, 2024 Bangkok $ 5000

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ML026 July 21, 2024 - July 25, 2024 Berlin $ 5000

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ML026 October 13, 2024 - October 17, 2024 Online $ 1500

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  • In this Course you will learn to:
    • Take charge of your career and personal life for greater growth and satisfaction .
    • Improve your ability to influence others .
    • Develop winning relationships by building strong trust .
    • Use proven strategies to build a strong support network .
    • Communicate honestly, directly, and professionally in all areas .
    • Develop and access the vast resources of your creativity .
    • Develop emotional hardiness to face daily challenges effectively .
    • Maximize your success by tapping the source of your personal power .

The Delegates

All people, whether administrators or technicians , workers or Managers in the all Business and in all managerial levels and leadership competencies .

The Contents

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • Taking Charge of Your Career: The Journey Begins!
    • Build your professional reputation and credibility
    • Develop your unique value proposition and “brand”
    • Add value to your organization by providing the results all employers seek
    • Learning to learn: strategies for lifelong learning and development
    • Finding coaches and mentors, and building your professional network
    • Avoid the career killers – people, places and things
    • Uncover and tap all the resources available for your career development
    • Commit to becoming a high performer and reap the rewards of excellence
  • Building Winning Relationships: Trust and Collaboration
    • Experience the consequences of win-lose and win-win strategies
    • Learn how to achieve win-win relationships
    • Understand what is meant by TRUST
    • Know the difference between responsibility for and responsibility to another
    • Learn a credo for your relationships
    • Understand what you do that weakens others when you intend to help
    • Learn the valuing process as a skill to strengthen others
    • Employ RAM (Relationship Asset Management) strategies
  • Communication Skills for Today’s Professional: Your Message Power
    • Why becoming a great communicator will empower you and boost your career
    • Learn about people’s perceptions and viewpoints and how they differ
    • Master the basics of face-to-face communication
    • Learn to understand and improve your skill in listening
    • The four styles of communication and how to employ them
    • Make skillful presentations to one or many
    • Learn to exchange helpful feedback
    • The principles of positive Influence and persuasion
  • Communication Strategies for Professional Excellence :
    • How to an effective decision maker, in the communication process.
    • How to use strategic communication negotiation skills.
    • Discover the 9 Keys to making an effective presentation.
    • Learn how to develop a systematic filing system.
    • Learn how to obtain good source material.
  • Creative Thinking and You: Key to Working Smart
    • Opening your mind to clear and inspired thinking
    • Developing a whole-picture perspective
    • The II &T thinking steps
    • Combining reasoning, emotion, and inspiration
    • How to generate alternative ideas
    • Tapping into your inner wisdom
    • Evaluating alternatives on their merits
    • The “Six Lens” approach for whole-brain optimization
  • Emotional Resilience: Handling Life’s Challenges
    • Learn how you respond to challenging or upsetting events (key moments)
    • Explore and understand the patterns in your responses to key moments
    • Learn the process for exploring the consequences of your behavior
    • Learn to choose positive behaviors and feelings during your key moments
    • Identify and challenge the distortions in your interpretations
    • Learn a method for changing weakening beliefs to empowering beliefs
    • Learn and practice the principle of balance
    • Meeting the challenge of change and stress
  • Leadership strategies and tools for building a learning environment
    • Defining a learning environment and its benefits .
    • Senge’s five learning disciplines .
    • Personal mastery – learning to expand our personal capacity to create the results we most desire .
    • Mental models – seeing how our internal pictures of the world shape our actions.
    • Shared vision – building a sense of commitment in a group.
    • Team learning – crating a thinking synergistic environment .
    • Systems thinking – a language for describing the forces that shape the behavior of systems .
  • Course summary .


The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)