Career Development Planning

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  • Upon Completion of the Course, Participants will be able to:
    • Understand the basics of career development and succession planning.
    • Distinguish succession planning and management from replacement planning, talent management, and human capital management.
    • Compare traditional and career planning-oriented HR focus.
    • Explain employee and employer career development roles.
    • Examine innovative corporate career development initiatives.
    • Close the developmental gap by operating and evaluating a succession planning and management program.
    • Set life and career goals
    • Create personal development plans
    • Take ownership of their own development
    • Assess all the relevant information and make plans accordingly
    • Plan adaptation of competencies to meet changing business needs
    • Prepare individual development plans.
    • Understand how career development and succession planning can foster employee commitment.
    • understand tools and approaches available for career and skills development
    • Manage career choices.

The Delegates

Those involved in designing, setting up or controlling career development systems; also, line managers who are involved in, or accountable for, the career development of their staff.

The Contents

·         Putting People First :

    • What Does It Mean to Put People First?
    • What People Want from Their Organizations?
    • Present Top HR Priorities .
    • HR Activities: Traditional Focus versus Career Development Focus .

·         The Basics of Career Management and Succession Planning and Management :

    • Careers Today: The Importance of Development
    • What Is Career Development?
    • Essential Elements in an Integrated Career Development System
    • What Is Succession Planning? Is It any Different from Replacement Planning?
    • Main Aims and Reasons for Establishing a Succession Planning and Management System
    • Is Your Organization Ready for the Change?

·         Promoting a Development Culture

    • Characteristics of a Development Culture
    • Career Development as a Change Agent
    • Roles and Responsibilities in a Development Culture

·         Identifying High Potentials

    • High Potentials and High Professionals
    • Assessing Individual Potential
    • Best Practices to Improve the Management of High Potentials
    • Qualities of Processes to Spot, Develop, and Retain High Potentials

·         Career Development: Tools and Methodologies

    • Competencies
    • Coaching
    • Mentoring

·         Define career goals                  

    • Have a clearer perspective about what you want
    • Define career success for yourself
    • Determine your career-life needs
    • Set personal life-work goals

·         Developing Internal Successors

    • Making the Business Case for Succession Planning and Management
    • Starting the Systematic Succession Planning and Management Program
    • Refining the Program
    • Assessing Present Work Requirements and Individual Job Performance
    • Assessing Future Work Requirements and Individual Potential
    • Closing the Development Gap – The Individual Development Plan (IDP)


  • Focus on the Environment
    • Understand the changing world of work
    • What does the future job market hold?
    • Achieve career resilience
  • Focus on the Organization
    • Gain a clearer insight of the corporate world
    • Understand the changing workplace
    • Determine the organization’s strategy
    • Establish the organization’s competency requirements
    • Plot potential career paths
    • What is a jobless company?
  • Manage your career
    • Create a strategic career plan
    • Create a life plan, development plan, performance plan, marketing plan
  • Course assesment .


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