Communication and Presentation Skills

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ML012 June 2, 2024 - June 6, 2024 Cairo - EGYPT $ 4000

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ML012 September 29, 2024 - October 3, 2024 Online $ 1500

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ML012 December 1, 2024 - December 5, 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 5000

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ML012 March 24, 2025 - March 26, 2025 Basel $ 3000

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  • At the end of this Course participants will be able to:
    • Develop communication skills and abilities which can be put to immediate use in the workplace
    • Recognize personal communication styles and behavioral preferences that impact the influence we have on other people and groups
    • Develop strategies for creating a positive work environment and mage conflict effectively
    • Recognize differing behavioral styles and learn to adapt to them in order to build lasting rapport
    • Identify the essential components of a great presentation and how to implement them in practice
    • Learn to use appropriate body language, voice and tone in order to create a positive and lasting first impression in every situation and presentation
    • Build a commanding presence to communicate with impact and influence

The Delegates

  • New members of the management team
  • Team leaders interested in further developing their management , communication and presentational skills
  • Managers wanting to further develop their management and leadership techniques
  • Departmental managers
  • Front-line supervisors
  • Project managers
  • Human resources professionals
  • Those whose role requires them to inform and persuade business audiences
  • Any employees who in the course of their role have to make presentations

The Contents

  • How to Build Lasting Rapport
    • The art of building lasting rapport
    • How to identify behavioural traits and react to them
    • How to modify your own behaviour to match other’s
    • Sharpen your senses to the signals others are sending you
    • Connect with colleagues and clients at a level that creates deeper trust and commitment
    • Step into another person’s shoes to better appreciate their experiences and motivations
    • Read body language in order to understand how others are thinking and responding to you
  • Self Awareness
    • Key concepts of NLP
    • The relationships between NLP and Emotional Intelligence
    • Connecting your feelings for greater self awareness
    • Eliciting emotions
    • Noticing your unconscious messages and following your intuitions
    • Self talk and what it means
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    • Internal and external referencing
  • Crystal Clear Communication
    • Powerful listening and questioning techniques
    • Thinking patterns
    • Filters to communication
    • The use of Metaphors
    • Sub-modalities
    • Perceptual positions
    • Climates of trust
    • Well formed outcomes
  • Empathy
    • Review how to sharpen your senses to the signals others are sending you
    • Communicating first impressions
    • The secrets of body language
    • How we communicate
    • Filters to communication
    • Understanding the science of lying
    • Learning Styles
  • Motivation
    • Logical levels of change
    • The importance of values in motivation
    • Eliciting values for yourself and your organisation
    • The secrets of motivation
    • Setting goals that motivate
    • Creating a positive future for your organisation
    • Testing your well-formed outcomes
    • Stepping into the future
  • The building blocks of effective business presentations
    • To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail
    • Fears and concerns about presenting
    • Working together and the feedback process
    • Pre-prepared presentation on subject of personal choice. Presentation
    • Key learning’s and outcomes
    • Organising you presentation – Who? What? and Why?
  • The psychology of presenting: controlling self, stress and emotions
    • Top ten fears – irrational fears of presenting
    • Handling nervous reactions
    • Vocal projection : stories and anecdotes
    • The psychology of presenting (left and right brain) and maintaining audience interest
    • VHF –NLP -engaging the audience lighthouse techniques
    • Planning for presentation III
  • Business presentations with style
    • Managing your audience
    • Handling difficult questions
    • Handling difficult people!
    • Practical Presentation III
    • Personal Reflections of presentation
  • Fine tuning for perfect presenting
    • Assessing personal performance
    • Advanced tools to involve the audience
    • Self belief: Positive affirmations about presenting
    • Business performance coaching for success
    • Action planning for personal, team and organisational improvement
  • Course summary .


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