Basic Accounting Principles

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  • The objective of this Course is to present participants with the basics of accounting and finance and help them develop the skills and knowledge required in support of their personal development and roles within their organisations by enabling them to:
  • Appreciate the importance of the accounting and finance function with regard to its links with every part of the organisation, and its suppliers, customers, shareholders, lenders, and society in general .
  • Use the appropriate tools and techniques of ratio analysis and trend analysis to evaluate a business and its financial performance and financial position
  • Understand and interpret the three key financial statements: balance sheet; income statement (profit and loss account); cash flow statement .
  • Consider the use of planning and budgeting to ensure that the business and its managers achieve their goals and objectives.

The Delegates

  • This Course provides a user-friendly environment to develop the knowledge and techniques related to accounting and finance. It is ideal for newly-recruited or recently-promoted managers, and clerical and administrative staff, who require an understanding of accounting and finance. This may be a requirement of their job or to be able to better understand how their organisations operate.
  • This Course will also provide a useful refresher course for managers who already have some accounting and financial knowledge and expertise.the benefits of this Course may be gained by anyone employed within these roles in any organisation.

The Contents

  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance :
  • What is Accounting and Finance?
  • Who Needs Accounting?
  • Framework of Accounting .
  • Annual Reports and Accounts .
  • The Profit and Loss Account :
  • What is Profit?
  • Costs and Expenses .
  • Accrual Accounting
  • Why is Profit Not The Same as Cash?
  • The Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement :
  • What is a Balance Sheet and What Does it Tell Us?
  • Assets and Liabilities .
  • What Does The Cash Flow Statement Tell Us?
  • Cash Flow Links to the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account .
  • The Break-Even Point and Business Ratios :
  • What is a Break-Even Point?
  • Why Does a Business Need to Know its Break-Even Point?
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Ratios .
  • Budgets :
  • Who Needs Budgets?
  • The Manager’s Role in the Budget Process .
  • Budget Preparation .
  • Problems in Budgeting .

Notes :

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The Discount

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