Building maintenance and management

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  • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
    • To plan effective maintenance programs for Building Construction.
    • To understand the nature of innovative technology and new materials
    • To learn about the uncertainty associated with loads and load effects
    • To understand the causes and mechanisms leading to deficient structures
    • To workout preventive measures to counteract deterioration of structures
    • To learn about specific needs and requirements for concrete, steel and other structures
    • To provide an overview for the role of effective management
    • To learn from historical structures that stood the test of time
    • Learn the methods of protection and maintenance of concrete
    • Know the safety precautions to be taken while working with concrete
    • Understand the concrete prepared for special purposes and the Admixtures which can affect the properties of concrete .
    • Cure to field control tests and on-site performance

The Delegates

  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Site Engineers and Technicians
  • Architects
  • Project Engineers
  • Structural Designers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers and Technicians
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Construction Supervisors

The Contents

  • Strategies for Maintenance and Repair :
    • Condition Survey
    • Initial Site Visit
    • Data Acquisition
    • Condition Survey
    • Detailed Inspections
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Common Problems
    • Sampling For Test Specimens
    • Testing Procedures
    • Investigation Summary
    • Peer review
    • Project delivery methods
  • Loads and hazards: their nature, magnitude and consequences
    • Establishing the loads and load effects on the structure
    • Safety of Structures
    • Serviceability of structures
    • Establishing the capacity of the structure
    • Critical characteristics of steel structures
    • Critical characteristics of concrete structures
    • Accelerated Testing
    • Cumulative Error
    • Computer software
    • The Dangers of Computer Analysis
  • Reliability Based Condition Assessment
    • Structural Reliability
    • Parallel Systems
    • General Systems
    • Performance Prediction
    • Steel buildings – common areas of deficiency
    • Reinforced and prestressed concrete buildings – common areas of deficiency
    • Human Perceptions of Durability
    • A summary of seismic deficiencies and design constraints
    • Maintenance versus repair
    • Different Maintenance Options
    • Accepting Undesirable Existing Conditions
    • Preventing deterioration
    • Preventive measures
  • Monitoring and evaluation of concrete structures
    • Condition assessment
    • Visual inspection
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Locating defects
    • In-situ tests
    • Monitoring movement
    • Evaluating safety
  • Surface repair of concrete structures
    • Strategy and design
    • Materials requirements and selection
    • Surface preparation
    • Bond of repair materials to existing concrete
    • Implementation methods
  • Stabilization and strengthening of concrete structures
    • Flexural strengthening of beams
    • Shear strengthening of beams
    • Strengthening of columns
    • Seismic retrofit of columns
    • Strengthening with composite materials
  • Construction Practices for Concrete in the Gulf
    • Specifics of Gulf Environment
    • Definition of hot weather for concreting processes
    • Precautions for different concreting operations in the hot weather of Gulf region
  • Placing and finishing concrete
    • Curing concrete
    • Volume changes of concrete
    • Control tests for concrete
    • High-performance concrete
    • Special types of concrete
  • Changing technology
    • Innovative materials
    • Typical structural challenges
    • Lessons from the past
    • Lessons from historical structures
    • Monitoring Programs
    • Unforeseen problems
    • Some practical tips
    • A word of caution
    • Old age death
    • The weaknesses of mother earth
    • The future of structures
    • Challenges of the 21st century

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