Corrective Maintenance For Domestic Buildings

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T015 June 23, 2024 - June 27, 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 5000

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T015 September 15, 2024 - September 19, 2024 Online $ 1500

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T015 December 22, 2024 - December 26, 2024 Barcelona $ 5000

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T015 March 2, 2025 - March 13, 2025 Dubai – UAE $ 9000

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The objective of this Course is to educate participants on important topics related to building protection, repair and maintenance. Participants will learn more about how to become effective building and maintenance supervisors.

The Delegates

This course is designed to empower civil engineers and technicians with the background necessary for buildings Maintenance systems, materials and methods .

The Contents

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • Legal provisions
  • Rights of building owners
  • Responsibilities of building owners
  • General advice for maintenance and management of common areas
  • Understanding building maintenance & management
  •    Timely Maintenance
  • Common Building Defects and Their Symptoms
  • Areas for Special Attention
  • Types of Statutory Orders
  • Orders Issued by the Buildings Department
  • Notices or Directions Issued by Other Government Departments
  • Need for Effective Maintenance and Management
  • Principles of Long Term Maintenance
  • Principles of Inspection, Surveillance and Control
  • Forming Organizations
  • Taking out Appropriate Insurance Policies
  • Selecting The Appropriate Solutions
  • Dealing with Building Defects and Nuisance
  • Building Defects
  • Building Services Installation
  • Slopes and Retaining Walls
  • Asbestos-containing Materials
  • Advertisement Signboards
  • Dealing with Unauthorized Building Works (UBW)
  • Defects Caused by Third Parties
  • Complying with Statutory Orders
  • Orders from the Buildings Department
  • Orders from Other Government Departments
  • Carrying out Repair and Maintenance Works
  • Fundamentals
  • Project Planning and Financing
  • Insurance, Precautionary and Safety Measures
  • Appointment of Building Professionals
  • Appointment of Contractors
  • Tendering
  • Post Contract Management
  • Management Aspects During the Progress of Works
  • Site Safety Supervision Plans (SSSP)
  • Prevention of Bribery
  • Long Term Maintenance Plan
  • Maintenance in General
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Survey of Existing Conditions
  • Maintenance Strategy and Standard
  • Maintenance Budget and Replacement Reserve
  • Miscellaneous Issues in Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • Fire Evacuation Plan and Fire Drill
  • Security Measures and Appointment of Security Personnel
  • Owners’ Corporation (OC)
  • Functions of an Owners’ Corporation
  • Procedures to Form an Owners’ Corporation
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of an Owners’ Corporation
  • Tenure and Responsibility of an OC’s Management Committee
  • Meetings of the Owners’ Corporation
  • Establishment of Funds
  • Working with Property Management Companies
  • Resolution of Disputes Concerning Building Management Matters
  • Owners’ Committees and Mutual Aid Committees
  • Services Provided By Relevant Government Departmentsand Professional Bodies
  • Government Departments
  • Buildings Department (BD)
  • Civil Engineering Department (CED)
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
  • Environmental Protection Department (EPD)
  • Fire Services Department (FSD)
  • Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD)
  • Home Affairs Department (HAD)
  • Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)
  • Water Supplies Department (WSD)
  • Course summary .


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  • All lecturers have sufficient knowledge and experience to implement the programs at an optimal level .
  • Large package of services is offered to the participants .

The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)