Operation of Production Systems & Process Upsets

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  • To learn and understand the fluid properties
  • To learn how the process plant work , control and optimized
  • To Check data accuracy, system function, report discrepancies to facilities.
  • To explain theory behind surface production quality according to standard procedures
  • Understanding process plant performance
  • Understanding the mechanisms ,function of control system
  • To explain the theory and mechanisms of production operation problems
  • To Understand the production Optimization technique

The Delegates

This course if designed for  field operators ,production operators ,system Engineers, Process Engineers, Operations Engineers, Facilities  Engineers, Production Engineers, Petroleum Engineers and Flow Assurance Engineers, etc., and any one engaged in  production operations .

The Contents

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • Surface Production Facilities managment
    • Facilities Configurations
    • Upstream and down stream equipment
    • Equipment selection
    • Equipment function according to its operation
    • Effect of flow capacity on the equipment performance
    • Optimum operating condition for the equipment
  • Total production system analysis
    • Effect of reservoir performance
    • Well performance and its effect on the process performance
    • Well head pressure and flow effect
    • Total system analysis evaluation
  • Effect of Flow Assurance on the process Performance
    • Flow assurance definition
    • Flow problems
    • Importance of flow assurance
    • Effect of flow assurance on the equipment performance
  • Optimum operating conditions
    • Design pressure and operation pressure
    • Effect of pressure on the performance
    • Flow condition and performance relation
    • Separation process performance
    • Treatment process performance
    • Instruments and control devices effect on overall performance
    • Effect of GOR on separation performance
    • Causes of blockage – hydrates, wax, scale and asphaltenes,
    • Emulsion and its effectiveness
    • How to manage causes of blockage – engineering and chemical solutions
    • Obtaining fluid samples and undertaking laboratory analysis, to assess risk of fluid related issues occurring in the expected pressure-temperature envelope
    • Production operating problems solving
  • Oilfield scale :
    • Water formed scale
    • Locations of formed scale
    • Downhole scale & in surface facilities
    • Effect of pressure and temperature ,
    • Scale prediction
    • prevention and remediation
  • Production Control system
    • Water production control
    • Water emulsion control
    • Effect of water content on hydrate formation
    • GOR Control
    • Hydrocarbons deposits problems
    • Sludge prediction & prevention
    • process automation system
  • Production troubleshooting
    • Organic Precipitation & deposition
    • Blocking & restriction
    • High system pressure drop
    • Loss production and transportation
  • Wax formation and deposition
    • Waxy crude characterization
    • Pour and cloud point
    • wax prediction models
    • Wax deposition mechanisms
    • treatment & prevention ,
  • Asphaltene deposition,
    • Heavy crude oil characterization
    • Resin and asphaltene ratio
    • Asphaltene deposition locations
    • Mechanisms of deposition
    • Prediction of asphaltene deposition
    • Prevention & treatment
  • Corrosion Problem
    • Corrosion cell – Corrosion types
    • H2S and CO2 corrosion
    • Difference between erosion and corrosion
    • Main factors that affect on corrosion rate
    • material selection or chemical solution ,
    • prevention and remediation
  • Sand Production
    • Reason of sand production
    • Sand production –heavy oil relation
    • Sand production problems
    • Sand production treatment  & prevention
  • Production facilities Operations And Control System
    • Separation performance and quality
    • Crude oil treatment quality
    • Water treatment for injection process
    • Equipment over capacity and quality
    • Surface production facilities troubleshooting
    • Surface production facilities Control systems and automation
  • Production System Analysis
    • Introduction to production system analysis
    • Production system components
    • Nodal analysis technique
    • Inflow system model
    • Outflow system model
    • Optimum production rate using Nodal analysis

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