Pipelines Operations Control

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T032 April 28, 2024 - May 2, 2024 Al-Doha $ 5000

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T032 July 7, 2024 - July 11, 2024 Madrid $ 5000

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T032 October 27, 2024 - October 31, 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 5000

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T032 January 5, 2025 - January 9, 2025 Online $ 1500

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  • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
    • Identify basic principles of safe operation & efficient maintenance of pipelines for various industrial applications.
    • Develop deep understanding & familiarity with the practical aspects of operation and maintenance activities.
    • Illustrate the concepts discussed and be provided with necessary experience in applying them.
    • Use & follow the guidelines & best industrial practices related to operation, control, inspection & testing of pipelines.

The Delegates

  • Process, chemical and mechanical engineers working in petrochemical and process industry, including oil refineries and gas production companies where operation and maintenance of pipelines are high importance
  • Operation, technical service and maintenance professionals from various processing plants involved in everyday operation, control, inspection and maintenance of pipelines
  • Engineers and consultants dealing with planning of new production lines and retrofitting plants and introducing new technologies
  • Technical professionals responsible for maintenance and repair of equipment

The Contents

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • Overview of Technical Characteristics of Pipelines
    • Overview of main elements of oil and gas pipeline systems
    • Selection & sizing of pipelines: flow rate, MAWP, pumping power: ASME B31.3
    • Selection of pipeline material and interaction with working fluid
    • Operation of pump and compressor stations
    • Pipeline flow control and measurements: custody transfer
    • Workshop: Examples and solutions
  • Operation & Material Degradation
    • Pipeline material ageing: erosion, corrosion & stress corrosion cracking
    • Corrosion Direct Assessment: External (ECDA) and internal (ICDA) Methods
    • Cathodic protection, coating and other technologies: outer & inner surface
    • Metal loss inline inspection (ILI) and smart pigging (NDT) monitoring
    • Pipeline fatigue, cracks, seam defects and ruptures
    • Workshop: Examples and solutions
  • Operation & Safety Management
    • Safety Instrumentation, Control Valves and Other Safety Accessories
    • Transient operation and effects and water hammer
    • Pipeline failure prevention & root cause analysis
    • Leak detection methods (LDAR) and patrolling & surveillance: SCADA
    • Inspection (RBI), Hydrostatic test methodology
    • Workshop: Examples and Solutions
  • Maintenance Technologies
    • Pipeline maintenance & cleaning technologies: pipeline reconditioning
    • Monitoring of pipeline vibrations and support integrity
    • Repair technologies: welding of composite sleeves and segment replacements
    • Maintenance of valves, fittings and accessories
    • Valve repair: hot tapping, temporary plugging (stopple)
    • Workshop: Examples and solutions
  • Testing & Monitoring in Operation
    • Hydrostatic testing: allowable operating pressure and hydrostatic test pressure
    • Reliability and availability of pipelines in operation
    • Risk based inspection (RBI)
    • Fitness for Service (FFS)
    • Estimate of remaining life of equipment
    • Course summary and review
  • Course summary .


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