Advanced IT Tools for Human Resources

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IS001 October 2, 2022 - October 6, 2022 Online $ 1900

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IS001 January 1, 2023 - January 5, 2023 Dubai – UAE $ 5000

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IS001 April 2, 2023 - April 6, 2023 Sharm El-Sheikh $ 4000

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IS001 July 2, 2023 - July 6, 2023 Istanbul $ 4500

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  • Upon completion of this Course , the participants are expected to:
  • Describe the e-HRM trends and consequences of e-HRM: current debates.
  • Explain whether e-HRM is an Innovation or an Irritation.
  • Know latest developments in the practical and academic fields of the intersection HRM and IT .
  • Have an understanding of the integrated character of the e-HRM concept, its goals, types, and possible advantages and limitations .
  • Explain the differences and similarities between e-HRM conventional HRM .
  • Analyse the impact of IT on the HRM function.
  • Explain the e-Human Resource Management: challenges in the digital era
  • Introduce e-HRM in their respective organisations , and Measure the effectiveness of e-HRM in their respective organisations.

The Delegates

  • This course is intended for HRM practitioners at strategic levels in their organisations including HRM Directors, Deputy Directors and Managers and any official with similar job titles with vast experience in this field.
  • Participants to this programme should have the prime responsibility for steering organisational performance through value adding HR practices.

The Contents

  • Introduction: The Internet and the human resources.
  • A new model of management:
  • Human resource management in the Internet environment.
  • Typical models of human resource development with the application of new technologies.
  • Communication in the new system: Model of communication and knowledge transfer electronically.
  • Electronic Human Resource Management:
  • Types eHRM .
  • Use of electronic resources in the processes of human resource management.
  • The differences and similarities between e-HRM and conventional HRM
  • Developments in the practical field of the intersection between HRM and IT
  • E-Human Resource Management: challenges in the digital era
  • The Strategic Value of e-HRM
  • Understanding the concept of information flow in Joint Application Development for electronic system in HRM :
  • Information flow in various modules in HRM .
  • Commercial HR information flow .
  • HRM Project Management :
  • Concept and Practices .
  • Control and Management.
  • Understanding Database Management and Computer Network System.
  • Logistics Support Analysis(LSA) on COTS.
  • Developing and customizing eHRM System using:
  • Application Tools.
  • HR Management Information System Requirement.
  • Procurement of Computerized Software:
  • Best Business Practices.
  • Requirement for Source Code.
  • Mitigating Failures in Information System Project Management.
  • Understanding Software and Hard wares Requirements:
  • Using Technical Procurement Specifications
  • Application Software Solutions: ERP, SAP, Moodle, Salesforce, Webex.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of e-HRM
  • Course sammary .


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