Contractual Claims in Projects

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L012 August 20, 2023 - August 24, 2023 Dubai – UAE USD 5100

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L012 October 15, 2023 - October 19, 2023 Barcelona USD 5100

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L012 January 7, 2024 - January 11, 2024 Online USD 1900

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  • Upon Completion of The course, Participants will be able to:
  • Providing with relevant legal and practical framework applicable to Project claims and their resolution.
  • Develop systems to reduce the frequency of contractual disputes
  • Resolve such contractual disputes as do occur in an efficient fashion
  • Manage contracts and projects from the pre-contract, during the performance of the contract and through to the post-contract stage in accordance with best practices
  • Enhance profitability, not only by increasing money coming ‘in’ from contracts, but also by preventing unnecessary sums going out’ in operational disputes
  • Understanding of necessary contractual and legal knowledge
  • Understanding of and application of different types of agreements
  • Increased commercial awareness needed to enhance smooth running of contracts
  • Increased ability to manage contracts with a view to reducing claims and conflict
  • Ability to identify and mitigate risk factors and associated commercial and programme implications
  • Understanding of the importance of good record keeping and service of contractual notices
  • Increased understanding of commercial liabilities resulting from schedule changes and variations
  • Ability to analyse, negotiate and implement the most appropriate method of resolving disputes preventing escalation by early identification

The Delegates

  • Contract Administrators
  • Contracting Unit Supervisors
  • Project Engineers & Senior Project Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Claims Managers and Business Audit Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Engineers
  • Contractors & subcontractors
  • Contract Strategists
  • Staff who are new to their roles, or experienced staff looking for a refresher programme

The Contents

  • Introduction to projects
  • What is a project?
  • Benefits of project management
  • Why some projects fail?
  • The 5 principles of project management
  • Using a project management ‘approach’
  • Roles in project management
  • Building the project management team
  • Standard forms of contract
  • Amendments to standard forms
  • Non-standard conditions of contract
  • Appropriate claims for differing procurement routes
  • Allocation of risks
  • The FIDIC Red Book
  • Claims: (Introduction, definition & types )
  • Cost of preparing the claim
  • Quantum merit claims
  • Keeping good records
  • Supporting evidence
  • Global claims
  • Acceleration claims Employer’s claims
  • The claim document
  • Settling the claim
  • Interim payment
  • Common law damages claims
  • Additional cost claims
  • Variations / change orders
  • Evaluation
  • Prolongation claims
  • Claims categories
  • Claims arising from documentation:
  • Covering letter
  • Letters of intent …etc.
  • Cases
  • Claims arising out of the execution of the works:
  • Subsoil Conditions
  • Methods Of Working
  • Variation Orders
  • Claims concerning time:
  • Delays & Extension Of Time
  • Disruptive Effect Of Varying The Works
  • Suspension
  • Claims concerning payment provisions:
  • Valuation Of Varied Work
  • Claims arising from default, termination etc.:
  • liquidated damages
  • War clauses
  • Excusable Delays / Compensable delays / Non-compensable Delays /Compensation / Damages
  • Evaluation of claims
  • Negotiation & tactics
  • Avoid ability: Are claims avoidable?
  • Resolution of disputes
  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication
  • ADR
  • Role Playing
  • Course assesment .

The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)