Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour & Attitudes

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HR017 February 12, 2024 - February 16, 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 5000

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HR017 May 26, 2024 - May 30, 2024 Kualalumber $ 4500

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  • This course will guide the participates to :
  • A clearer understanding of human behaviour
  • A clear appreciation of how attitude affects behaviour and motivation
  • Be clear on how to manage employee performance by:
  • Having practiced performance appraisal interviewing
  • Having worked though discipline and grievance case studies and examples
  • A clear understanding of their behaviour and attitudes .

The Delegates

  • Managers and supervisors who want to get the most out of the people they manage .
  • Managers who are new to managing people and are looking for an insight into human behaviour .
  • HR specialists who are advising on people issues may benefit form discussing some of the underlying assumptions about human behaviour and learning some new skills in applying assertive behaviour .
  • Individuals who are curious about behaviour and attitudes and want to direct them to improved employee performance.

The Contents

  • Performance and the Individual
  • Psychological profiles – Jungian typology and understanding human behaviour
  • How competency frameworks support performance management
  • Human behaviour questionnaire
  • The Iceberg model to understand behaviour
  • Models of Performance Management
  • The Johari window
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Discipline, capability and grievance
  • Recognising the difference between Capability and conduct issues
  • The “rules of Natural Justice”
  • The purposes of discipline
  • Inefficiency and box markings
  • Models of motivation and behaviour
  • The Assertiveness Model of Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Identifying and recognising the types of behaviour:
  • Aggressive
  • Indirectly aggressive
  • Passive (aggressive)
  • Assertive
  • Communication skills
  • Being proactive with people
  • Exercises with Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Managing performance -The Performance Appraisal Interview
  • Role plays – dealing with discipline and Grievance cases
  • Case studies –real stories explored and developed
  • Attitudes and Attitudes to Self
  • The Behaviour mirror diagnostic tool
  • Social styles –a behaviour model
  • Programme review

The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)

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