Managing Government Relations

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PR011 March 31, 2024 - April 1, 2024 Istanbul $ 5000

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PR011 July 28, 2024 - August 1, 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 5000

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PR011 October 1, 2024 - October 3, 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 3000

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PR011 January 12, 2025 - January 23, 2025 Online $ 3000

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  • By the end of this Course participants will be able to:
  • Understand the changing media landscape
  • Understand the relationship between GR , PR , marketing and advertising
  • Deliver social media friendly communications
  • Enhance their press release writing skills
  • Build effective, coordinated online efforts
  • Effectively present your GR campaign
  • Effectively evaluate the results of your GR efforts .

The Delegates

  • This intensive and practical course is prepared for Governmental relations professionals and managers whom Building and manageing relationships between the Organization and the government interfaces, by undertaking standardized government offices document process, exchanging information, preparing technically more demanding documents by performing full clerical, administrative and general duties involving government bodies, along with overseeing staff liaison and support regarding the country legislation
  • This will also be of benefit to Public relations , marketing managers and marketing professionals who are required to understand social media and the challenges of current-day public relations.

The Contents

  • Introduction and Course overview.
  • Real world Governmental Relations Skills
  • Integration of GR, Marketing & Advertising – what this means for you and your Organization .
  • Governmental affairs and outreach – political lobbying, building relationships with Activist groups, unions and charities.
  • Image is everything – Combatting shortened attention spans through pictures, video and other creative GR
  • Dealing with ‘Information Overload’
  • Future trends – what ‘big data’ will mean for your Organization
  • Strategies for dealing with information overload
  • Finding out who matters and what they’re saying
  • Creating selection criteria
  • Cultural change
  • Impacts on decision making
  • Social Media for Governmental Relations
  • Creating social media objectives
  • Advantages and hazards of using social media campaigns, challenges and opportunities
  • Reshaping your web presence – intelligent online brand management
  • Finding and understanding your audience
  • Dynamic Media Skills
  • What is a press release, and why is it important?
  • How to get agencies and journalists interested in your news
  • Writing with style, the right length and choosing your words
  • Preparing an interview brief, writing speeches and writing for publication
  • How to train and support your CEO or Director to undertake media interviews
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your GR efforts :
  • Monitoring and analysing the performance of your efforts
  • Qualitative and Quantitive measurement
  • Measuring business and organisational outcomes .
  • Aligning your evaluation to organisational strategy
  • Presenting your results – Preparing and presenting
  • Some of Government Relations Specialist Tasks:
  • Provides direct support to Director, Government Relations and Vice President .
  • Assists in drafting and tracking of resolutions introduced at Legislature.
  • Monitors legislative hearings to remain current with changes.
  • Analyzes proposed legislation.
  • Interprets statutes and identifies issues.
  • Analyzes and develops positions and strategies on resolutions.
  • Participates in development of Program responses to anticipated legislative issues.
  • Remains current on progress of legislation, hearings, and positions of organizations and persons affected by proposed legislation.
  • Monitors and analyzes public policy issues.
  • Assists with regional compliance efforts regarding implementation of mandates of governmental, regulatory, and accrediting bodies.
  • Assist Director, Government Relations with communicating and educating managers, and staff on legislation, policy issues, and strategic issues and impact on Program.
  • Prepares regional/departmental government relations and legal reports.
  • Assists Director, Government Relations with policy formulation.
  • Monitors legislative hearings to remain current with changes to legislation and positions of those affected.
  • Interprets relevant statutes and identifies key issues.
  • Summarizes and communicates information for others to review.
  • Participates in development of Program responses to anticipated legislative issues.
  • Assists with development and implementation of internal and external communications plans for legislation, policy issues, and strategic issues impacting the Program.
  • Gathers information utilizing local and national resources on legal, operational and government relations issues.
  • Works on legal projects, as assigned.
  • Handles administrative tasks, as required.
  • Supports the legal contracting function.

Course summary .

The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)