Project Management & Business Process Analysis

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  • Define Project Scope
  • Plan a Project
  • Manage Project Quality
  • Schedule Project Activities and Deliverables
  • Budget for Projects & Control Project Costs
  • Develop Project Teams
  • Manage Contracts And Procurement
  • Optimize And Control Project Communication
  • Objectively analyse the process dimension of the business
  • Accurately define the scope of a business process
  • Develop an enterprise-level business process model
  • Capture and map the details of an existing business process using a model
  • Obtain the information necessary to build a business process model

The Delegates

  • Project Managers who wish to further advance their capabilities
  • Project Support Staff who wish to evolve into Project Managers
  • Senior Managers/Clients to whom Project Managers report and wish to enhance their understanding of Project Management
  • Project Office Team Members in charge of one or more of the outlined areas
  • business managers, process owners, business and systems analysts, information technology professionals, BPR project leaders, BPR project team members and quality specialists

The Contents

Introduction to Projects

Project Scope Management

  • Authorizing Project Initiation
  • Developing a Scope Statement
  • Cost, schedule, and performance criteria
  • Scope Definition and the development of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Scope baseline  & Scope Verification

Project Time Management

  • Constraints and Assumptions
  • Activity definition
  • Activity sequencing and Logical Relationships
  • Activity duration estimation
  • Resource Allocation
  • Schedule development, GANTT Charts

Project Cost Management

  • Estimating and forecasting
  • Producing a project Budget
  • Project Cash Flow

Project Risk Management

  • Risk Identification
  • Estimation of  Risk Probability
  • Measuring Risk Impact
  • Expected Value
  • Preventive Action
  • Decision Tree

Project Human Resources Management

  • Organizational Structures For Projects
  • Reporting relationships
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Project Stakeholders
  • Developing the Project Team
  • Theories of motivation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Influence factors

Project Procurement Management

  • Procurement and Solicitation planning
  • Solicitation and Biding
  • Source selection
  • Contract administration

Project Communication Management

  • Developing the Communication plan
  • Stakeholder Information Management
  • Skills, techniques, and styles
  • Information distribution

Project Quality Management

Project Integration Management

  • Project Plan Compilation and Integration
  • Project Change Control

Project Closeout

Understanding Business Processes

  • The process view: an introduction to business processes
  • Types of business processes
  • Identifying and naming business processes
  • The characteristics of a process
  • How to analyse the elements of a business process
  • Practical analysis work

Developing Business Process Diagrams

  • An introduction to Business Process Diagrams
  • Modelling business processes at workflow level
  • Modelling event-driven processes
  • Representing detailed branching and joining logic
  • Integrating process models
  • Practical business process modelling work

  Modeling Processes Using the Integration Definition for Process Modelling (IDEF0)

  • Basic business process modelling concepts
  • The IDEF0 modelling method
  • Starting a business process model
  • Establishing the scope of the model
  • Modelling activities and objects
  • Developing decomposition diagrams

Gathering the Right Information

  • Information gathering techniques
  • Planning an information gathering
  • Identifying and involving stakeholders
  • Conducting workshop sessions

Improving Business Processes Using Models

  • Identifying improvement opportunities using process models
  • Moving from as-is to to-be models
  • Describing improvements using process models
  • Simulating business processes
  • Linking process models to data models
  • Choosing the right modelling tool.

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