Coil Tubing Operations and Applications

  • Coiled Tubing is the process of running a reel of continuous tubing into a well that is still under pressure. Coiled Tubing equipment is portable and modular although modern reels are reaching high transport weights and offers quick rig-up times.
  • The maximum working depth of Coiled Tubing is usually determined by the amount of tubing that can be spooled onto a reel rather than the TVD. Highly deviated wells can cause problems with Coiled Tubing as, like wireline, gravity is required to keep the tubing moving down the well-bore. This can now be overcome to a certain extent with the use of downhole “tractors” which pull the coiled tubing from the bottom. Coiled Tubing can be used for a very wide range of jobs such as, Nitrogen lifting wells, Clean-up operations, Spotting acid at the perforations, fishing operations, Spotting cement and PLT. Also well stimulation methods and its process will discussed in detail
  • This training course will highlight:
    •  Coiled Tubing Equipment
    •  Well Control Equipment
    •  Coiled Tubing application
    •  Well stimulation
    •  Hydraulic fracture
    • Job design
    •  Acidizing and stimulation techniques
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  • By the end of this Course participants will be able to:
    • Manage and execute Coiled Tubing interventions
    • Increase overall operational performance during Coiled Tubing interventions
    • Select the most commonly used downhole tools and explain their function
    • Work safely with liquid nitrogen

The Delegates

  • This training course is designed for those involved in the production optimization and well intervention operations:
    • Production Technologists
    • Production Engineers
    • Operations Engineers
    • Field Technicians
    • Reservoir Engineers

The Contents

  • Day One: Coiled Tubing Equipment 
    • Coiled Tubing Services
    • Coiled Tubing Equipment
    • Surface CT Equipment
    • Downhole Equipment
  • Day Two: Well Control Equipment 
    • Barrier theory
    • Primary, secondary and tertiary barriers
    • BOP types
    • Strippers
    • Riser and flange connections
  • Day Three: Coiled Tubing Application 
    • CT String and Pipe Management
    • Data Acquisition
    • Depth Control
    • CT Applications
    • Matrix Stimulation with CT
    • CT Logging
    • Nitrogen
  • Day Four: Job Design 
    • Introduction to Job Design
    • Safety and Operational Standards
    • Job Design – Risk Analysis
    • Downhole Tools
  • Day Five: Acidizing and Stimulation Techniques
    • Damage mechanisms
    • Chemistry of carbonate acidizing
    • Acid treatment design in carbonate
    • Fluid selection for carbonate acidizing
    • Chemistry of sandstone acidizing
    • Acid treatment design in sandstone
    • Fluids selection for sandstone acidizing
    • Additives used in acidizing and their functions
    • Introduction to hydraulic fracture
    • Reasons for hydraulic fracture
    • Hydraulic fracture material s and process
    • Case studies

Course summary.


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