Gas Condensate Network Layout & Operations

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Upon Completion of The course, Participants will be able to:

  • Calculate the flow gas wells in gas reservoirs
  • Calculate hydrocarbons initially in place using several methods
  • Assess reservoir performance with dynamic techniques
  • Determine the parameters that impact well/reservoir performance over time
  • Determine reservoir drive mechanisms for gas condensate reservoirs
  • Apply gas field development planning principles
  • The fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media
  • How gas condensate reservoirs are characterized by fluid type and drive mechanisms
  • Gas condensate displacement and optimizing reservoir performance
  • The basics of enhanced gas condensate recovery
  • How gas in place can be estimated and recovery predicted
  • How to apply the material balance techniques
  • How to derive the basic differential equation for radial flow in a porous medium
  • How these properties affect fluid flow and the distribution of fluids in the reservoir
  • How to perform basic material balance calculations for gas condensate reservoirs
  • How reservoir drive mechanisms affect overall reservoir performance
  • How to use fractional flow theory to calculate displacement efficiency
  • How to measure and calculate gas properties at reservoir conditions
  • How to calculate static pressure and condensate saturations distributions in a reservoir

The Delegates

  • All engineers engaged in the oil and gas industry, in particular for those engineers involved with gas condensate reservoirs.
  • Reservoir engineers and professionals who are familiar with reservoir engineering principles and are interested in maximizing liquid hydrocarbon recovery from gas-condensate reservoirs
  • Engineers (production engineers, reservoir engineer and field engineer), and other staffs from an operating and/or service and/or consultant and/or engineering company involved in gas production operation process and engineering
  • Engineers and technical personnel involving with appraisal or field development project, and/or reservoir management team intending to enhance their technical skills
  • Engineers from an operating and/or service and/or consultant and/or engineering company requires improving their technical skills with high level of confidence to adapt appropriate technology to optimize the production performance and better reservoir management
  • Technical, project and commercial managers, staff responsible in the production development, evaluation and field operation for gas facilities operation

The Contents

Introduction and course overview.

Gas Properties :

  • Gas Specific gravity .
  • Gas Compressibility .
  • Gas Mixture viscosity .
  • Critical properties .
  • Calorific value
  • Pressure – temperature and volume relations .

Management of CRU :

  • Management of CRU process.
  • Engineering phase and start up sequence of CRU.
  • Parts of CRU , function and system.
  • Start – up progress monitoring ,Instrumentation and control .
  • Start-up phase and start up activities of CRU.
  • Gas production & outputs of CRU.
  • Pre commissioning phase and commissioning stage of CRU .
  • CRU Start up management.
  • Optimization of condensation operation .
  • Production process & Outputs of CRU.
  • Troubleshooting & problem solving of CRU.

Gas Condensate Conditions :

  • Phase behavior for dry , wet & condensates gas .
  • Dew point conditioning .


Fuel Measurements :

  • Fuel Specifications.
  • Vapor pressure measurement .
  • Calorific value of the fuel .
  • Water content in the fuel .
  • Quality control of the fuel .
  • Analysis procedure of the fuel
  • Codes & standard specifications of the fuel .
  • Fuel storage capacity .

Fuel Volume Measurement :

  • Metering system .
  • Flow meter types .
  • Flow meter accuracy .
  • Flow meter selection .
  • Volume conversion to flow rate .
  • Meter proving & correction .
  • Volume correction to standard condition .

Gas Condensate Process :

  • Cooling system .
  • Compression units  .
  • Compression stage .
  • Compression cycles .
  • Condensate recovery system in the process .

Course summary.


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