Handling Hazardous Chemicals

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Enrich the awareness of participants in dealing with chemicals and dangerous, both to prevent the risk of such material, or dispose of the case of any danger that might result from these materials .

The Delegates

All those dealing with chemicals and hazardous of all kinds: liquid – solid – gas, either: storage, or transportation, or the direct use, all entities and facilities, whatever their level of functional rehabilitation or scientific .

The Contents

  • Introduction & course overview .
  • Definition of industrial security, safety and occupational health.
  • Responsibilities of industrial security.
  • Risk Assessment .
  • Classification system for hazardous chemicals.
  • Useful data for some chemicals (common hazards – prevention).
  • Injury to health caused by harmful chemicals.
  • Gases and vapors of chemical substances and their effects on humans.
  • Prevention of the dangers of harmful gases and vapors, and protective equipment.
  • Handling of hazardous liquids and their effects on safety and health.
  • Technical measures to avoid the hazards of handling liquids.
  • Identify the elements of Emergency Action Plans
  • Tasks of prevention of hazardous liquids.
  • Hazards resulting from chemical solids (dust, toxic).
  • First aid for people of the dangers of chemicals.
  • Prevention of explosions and fires resulting from trading in chemicals.
  • Handling compressed gas cylinders.
  • The dangers of electricity trading with chemicals.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Extinguishers .
  • Risks of chemicals and harmful effects on humans during handling and transport.
  • Safety procedures when handling and transfer of chemicals.
  • Devices and personal protective equipment used during the transfer, handling and storage of chemicals.
  • Chance of a fire during the transfer of chemicals, prevention and control methods.
  • Investigate incidents of work-related injuries during transport and handling of chemicals.
  • Safety study lists of chemicals to identify the risks MSDS.
  • Conduct an Accident Investigation
  • Practical applications.

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