Oil Spill Combating Operation For First Responders (IMO 1)

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OG015 May 19, 2024 - May 21, 2024 Kualalumber $ 3000

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OG015 August 4, 2024 - August 8, 2024 Dubai – UAE $ 5000

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  • At the end of course participants will be :
    • Aware of correct spill response methods and techniques
    • Identify spill site hazards and assess the risks
    • Understand how to deal with the media
    • Able to interpret oil spill characteristics and how best to respond to them
    • Able to react to an initial spill event
    • Able to utilize all available resources
    • Able to identify response limitations
    • Identify priorities for protection from spills

The Delegates

  • This course  designed for those staff responding to the incident that are responsible for the immediate stop of leakage, communicating with the port authorities, implementing the first but critical actions for pollution combating and operating all available means for the collection of oil on deck and in other areas of the vessel or installation. Officers, ships’ crews and technical personnel working in oil handling facilities can obtain through their training, knowledge and skills that can assist in a prompt response during an emergency but also to the prevention of a larger spill and the minimization of the environmental impacts.
  • Ideal for operational staff from ports,harbours, oil handling facilities, local authorities and environmental agencies who are inexperienced in oil spill response
  • Any member of staff who may form partof a tactical oil spill response effort
  • Managers and supervisors requiring good basic knowledge of oil spill equipment, including PPE. Learn what it looks like, how it is deployed and see first-hand the Health and Safety issues to consider in a spill response situation

The Contents

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • Introduction to oil spill
  • Oil spill termonolgy
  • Type of oil spill
  • Recent trends for oil spill handling
  • Oil Spill Response Safety and Aware-ness
  • Reporting procedures
  • Monitor and evaluate
  • Mechanical recovery
  • Chemical dispersant
  • Shoreline clean-up
  • Deployment exercise
  • OPRC Convention
  • Behavior of spilt oil
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fate and Effects of Spilled Oil
  • Containment Devices
  • Recovery Methods
  • River response techniques
  • Shoreline/inland Clean-up Methods
  • Waste Disposal & Management
  • Waste segregation


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