Operational Troubleshooting& Analyze Production Reports

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OG019 June 23, 2024 - June 25, 2024 Online $ 1200

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OG019 September 8, 2024 - September 12, 2024 Sharm El-Sheikh $ 4000

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OG019 December 15, 2024 - December 26, 2024 Istanbul $ 9000

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  • By the end of this Course participants will be able to:
  • Gain a broad understanding and appreciation of the core functional aspects of how an effective operational process should operate .
  • Review the five standard maintenance improve tactics and their selection technique to ensure reliable process plant & equipment .
  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive operational process resource and support system analysis.
  • Understand the principles of PAS 55, the most recent maintenance process audit standard.
  • Gain insight and understanding into the unique leadership and motivation principles required for technical management.
  • Create and apply a troubleshooting methodology.

The Delegates

  • Engineering and Technical Managers and Supervisors from any industry.
  • Maintenance Planners , Operator and Coordinators.
  • Operations and Manufacturing Managers and Supervisors.
  • Foremen and Team Leaders.
  • Plant Engineers and Process System Managers.
  • Section Engineers and Planners .

The Contents

  • Introduction and Course overview.
  • Review of Basic Modern Operations Practice :
  • Review of modern operational practice in the light of the global economic recession.
  • Integration of maintenance and production to establish a world class operations department.
  • Generic performance measurement model using a 6 point scale.
  • Combining the parameters of speed, quality, and cost in maintenance performance measurement.
  • The 10 point planning standard and the role of the planning department.
  • Developing effective strategies for the operational process in order to achieve organizational excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Standard Maintenance Improvement Initiatives :
  • Selecting the ‘correct’ maintenance tactic mix.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).
  • Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).
  • Time Based Maintenance (TBM).
  • Run-To-Failure (RTF).
  • Operational Resource Analysis :
  • A ‘blueprint’ for effective operational practice.
  • Resource and support system analysis with ‘Gap Analysis’.
  • Leadership development and motivation of operations employees.
  • The PAS 55 Maintenance Process Standard.
  • Principles of information management.
  • Risk identification, assessment and control.
  • Training, awareness and competence.
  • Problem Solving in the Operations Environment :
  • Theory of inventive problem solving
  • Problem solving techniques and case studies
  • Exercises and facilitation
  • Scenario Analysis and Action Plan Development :
  • Review and analysis of your specific operations environment .
  • Assessment assignment and scoring of your operational process .
  • Course summary .


The Discount

10% in case of Three P. (or more)